At TeeJuh, we know that the decision to seek services is a very personal one.

We want to make you comfortable every step of the way.

One way we do that is through maintaining high quality counseling professionals by using a telemedicine system for behavioral health services.

When you arrive at our clinic, you will be checked in just like any other clinic. You can fill out your paperwork in advance by using the forms listed on this page. These forms are secure, HIPAA-compliant and meet all security guidelines.

Staff at the clinic will help you use the computer and familiarize you with the process. Our telepresenter will seat you at the telemedicine station and connect you to your provider.

Your behavioral health provider will be in a remote location and you will communicate with them over the computer. Your provider will be able to see and hear you just as if they are in the same room. The visit is very similar to FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, but with additional security.

TeeJuh uses a video conferencing system with HIPAA-compliant technology.

Get Started

You don’t need to apply for our services. But we do need information to establish that you are a TeeJuh client and to fulfill grant obligations. When you complete our online form, it’s automatically submitted.

If you choose, you can print the form instead, complete it, and bring it with you to your appointment.

Call us toll-free at 1-877-935-6003 to get started.

Telemedicine FAQ

What is telemedicine?2024-04-26T19:41:52+00:00

Telemedicine allows long-distance health services via telecommunication technology. Your provider can administer treatment, education, advice, intervention, and monitoring remotely, without you having to leave your community.

What should I expect during my telemedicine visit?2024-04-26T19:43:54+00:00

A telemedicine visit is essentially the same as a face-to-face visit with your provider. The only difference is your provider will be at a distant location and you will talk with them on a screen.

A typical session works like this:

  1. You will arrive at our clinic in Dot Lake Village just as you normally would for an appointment.
  2. You will fill out paperwork and be checked in.
  3. A staff member will escort you to a private consulting room and show you where to sit.
  4. The staff member will leave you in the room, with your provider on the screen to conduct your video session.
  5. Once the session is complete, your provider will notify clinic staff with instructions for follow up appointments, additional resources, etc.
  6. You will then be escorted back to the waiting room.
Why use telemedicine?2024-04-26T20:16:13+00:00

Scheduling an appointment and traveling long distances can be difficult or inconvenient. Taking advantage of telemedicine can remove some of the barriers by essentially bringing your provider to you.

What happens if there are technical issues?2024-04-26T20:17:32+00:00

Our clinic staff members have been trained to troubleshoot technical issues. They will make sure the online connection has been tested prior to your appointment. If you lose connection during your session, staff members will reconnect to your provider.

If the connection cannot be reestablished, your appointment will be rescheduled, or you will be directed to an in-person provider.

What if I want an in-person appointment?2024-04-26T20:18:28+00:00

If you choose not to use telemedicine, or in any situation requiring an in-person appointment, our staff will help you find an in-person provider.

Is it safe?2024-04-26T20:19:11+00:00

Yes. Telemedicine has been in practice for several decades. If you have concerns about your privacy, our clinic staff will provide you with details about our telemedicine program’s security. We follow state and federal guidelines requiring telemedicine consultations to be HIPAA compliant.

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